Each workflow will have their own roles that need to be filled. For this tutorial we will use an example evaluation workflow with a head evaluator and peer evaluator. The role titles may be different in your account, you will be able to find an update your workflows with the same methods. 

Tip:  Once you assign educators to workflows, they can use the "Assigned to Me" button (under the search bar) to quickly filter their view to just workflows they are involved with.  



People Currently Assigned 

Throughout our platform you can view the people assigned to a workflow by hovering over their colored initials. 

Process Overview

Their colored initials are next to the milestones. 


Their colored initials are located on the top right. 



Update Single Workflow

Quickly update who has been assigned to a single workflow. 


  1. Click the process name in the left nav. ("Annual" in the example below)
  2. Click the workflow you'd like to update
  3. Click the blue "Edit" button next to person's name. (top center)
  4. From this page you can add and/or remove people.

To add a person

  1. Click the blue "Add User" button in the "Secondary Users" section. 
  2. Select the role of the person you'd like to add.
  3. Search for the name of the person you would like to assign. 
  4. Click Save. 

To remove a person

  1. Click the red "Remove" button next to the person's name you would like to remove. 
  2. Confirm you would like to remove that person. 


Edit assigned individuals on a workflow



Mass Assigning

The setup tab allows you to quickly assign people to multiple workflows on one page. You can also view who is already assigned to a workflow and update the assignment. 


  1. Click the process name in the left nav. ("Annual" in the example below)
  2. Click the "Setup" tab. (Top center)
  3. Click the field you would like to update.
  4. Search for the name of the person you would like to assign. 


Edit assignment for multiple workflows at one time.

Searching & Filtering 

Search box: Searches through the names of the workflows.  (If the results are blank, you may need to create a workflow for that individual.)

"Assigned to Me": Displays workflows assigned to you. 

"Version": Displays workflows with the version selected.

"Sort" (far right): Orders the workflows from A-Z or Z-A based on name. 


Tip: Access multiple pages by clicking the page numbers or arrows at the bottom right of screen. 



Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, or can't quite figure it out, please reach out to us. Support@classroommosaic.com We are always happy to help! 


The person I am searching for does not appear, but they have an account. 

Our platform ensures a role can only be filled by people qualified. Based on their position, they may not be able to serve in the selected role. Please contact your Classroom Mosaic rep, or support, to find out more. 


Can I assign multiple people to the same role? 

Maybe! If the workflow has been setup to allow multiple people to be assigned the same role you will be able to. If it has been locked to one person you will see an error (below) if you click in the box to assign another person.


The box flashed red, what did I do wrong? 

Usually that means there is some reason that person can't be assigned to that workflow. They might already be assigned in some other way or don't have the rights to view the workflow. If this is an issue, please reach out to support so we will take a look.