• Click the “Start” button. (White, very bottom left - turns into a green plus when nav is closed)
  • Select the template you would like to use.
  • Search for and select the teacher you would like to observe.
  • Confirm template and teacher.

Starting an observation. 


Performing / Submitting


  • Once you are in the observation you can edit as needed.
    • Data is saved instantly and reflected with a “Saved” status. (Light Gray, inline)
    • Editing time is calculated automatically. 
  • Click the comment icon to leave a comment for the teacher. (Dark Blue, top right)
  • Click the “Submit” button when you have finished the observation. (Green, top right)
    • An email overview will be sent to you and the teacher. 
  • Click the back arrow to leave the observation. You can continue it later. 

Submitting an observation. 





  • Click “Observations” under walkthroughs. (Green, left center)
  • Click the “Unfinalized” tab. (Light Grey, top center)
  • Search for and select the observation you would like to continue.

Continuing an observation. 




Editing / Deleting


  • Click “Observations” under walkthroughs. (Green, left center)
  • Search for and select the walkthrough you would like to edit.
  • Click the “Unsubmit” button to edit the content. (Yellow, top right)
    • Once you have updated the observation click the “Submit” button. 
  • Click the “…” button and then “Edit”. (Light Gray, top right)
    • Edit the admin by removing and adding a different secondary user. 
    • Delete the observation by clicking the “Delete” button. (Red, very bottom)
    • Change who was observed. (coming soon)

Deleting an observation.