The People Tab

The vast majority of people will be uploaded into the system. Below is an outline of adding a person manually. If you need help or have a file you would like us to upload; please email us.




  • Click the “People” tab.
  • Click the “Add Person” button. (Green, Right top of the table)
  • Add their Email, Name, and Employee ID.
  • Set their Position and Location.
  • Click Save. (Green, Bottom left)


Once you have added someone who will be observing, they will need to activate their account. Please send them a link to our getting started guide: Getting Started.



Adding a Person. 




Editing / Removing 

  • Click the “People” tab.
  • Search for the person you’d like to edit and click their row.
  • Click the dropdown arrow to the right of their name. (Blue, top center)
  • General / Login information 
    • Update the information needed. 
    • Click Update. (Green, Inline with information)
  • Positions
    • Current Position
      • Remove or add locations, then click “Update.” (Green, Inline with position
      • Remove the Position and confirm.  (Red, Inline with position
    • New Position
      • Click “Add Position.” (Blue, center bottom

Editing a person.